With great pride and honour we now release the much awaited executive board for AIMUN 2018

United Nations General Assembly

Chairperson- Drishtant Chakraberty
Vice Chairperson- Sanya Kanwar
Asst. Vice chairperson- Aman Singh
Rapporteur – Apaar Mehta

United Nations Security Council

President- Rudraksh Lakra
Vice President- Pratham Sharma
Rapporteur- Aniket Ramesh

European Union

Chairperson – Jaideep
Vice Chairperson- Jahnvi Vig
Asst. Vice chairperson- Yajur Lath
Rapporteur- Pia Tripathi

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

President- Nishkarsh Bareja
Vice President- Ayan Gupta
Asst. Vice President- Aryan Kumar
Rapporteur- Chirag Pawani

World Trade Organisation

Chairperson- Siddharth Kapoor
Vice Chairperson- Sidhant Kapoor
Asst. Vice Chairperson- Daksh Jhalani
Rapporteur- Raghav Pardasani

All India Political Parties Meet

Moderator- Aditya Mohan Sharma
Dep. Moderator- Apoorva Iyer
Scribe- Harman Sachdeva


Moderator- Akshat Mohan Awasthi
Dep. Moderator – Akhilesh Budhiraja
Scribe – Sagar Munshi

Historical Security Council -1956

President- Prithviraj Khanna
Vice President- Sankalp Mishra
Rapporteur- Vansh Chopra

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