My Experience | Khushi Saxena | Editor-in-chief Global Press

My first MUN as a Journalist was ANMUN’15 and that was the time I realized that  reporting, interviewing, writing is where I want to be .  Ever since then I’ve been doing MUNs as a member of the International Press.

Back in 2016, I did my first AIMUN as a Reporter and it was such an enriching experience, it was a like a test for my own self; a test to understand where I stood, a test to realize that this is where my heart lies. I personally think that AIMUN has been a turning point for so many lives.

And being a part of the Global Press for the second time and this year, as the Editor-in-Chief, I can confidently and proudly say, that the kind of Journalism experience GP provides, no place else does. It not only trains you what and how to do, but also gives you enough space and chance you explore yourself.

Khushi Saxena Editor-in-chief Global Press AIS Noida

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