Be a voice not an echo. Echoes fade away, voices resonate forever... And forever will the voices of the Amitians be heard and make an impact, through platforms like AIMUN 🙂


Success doesn't come form what we do occasionally. It comes from what we do consistently. Each of the delegates put in methodical efforts and extensive research for each session and that is how they achieve success...

My Experience | Khushi Saxena | Editor-in-chief Global Press

My first MUN as a Journalist was ANMUN’15 and that was the time I realized that  reporting, interviewing, writing is where I want to be .  Ever since then I’ve been doing MUNs as a member of the International Press.Back in 2016, I did my first AIMUN as a Reporter and it was such an … Continue reading My Experience | Khushi Saxena | Editor-in-chief Global Press


Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world | Nelson Mandela AIMUN strives to educate the students who are our future so that they may in turn change the world and take it towards the direction of progress unity and strength...