We now release the 8 diverse agendas and enthralling committees being simulated at AIMUN 2018. 1. GENERAL ASSEMBLY - DISEC AGENDA - Strategies for rebuilding critical institutions in post-conflict societies 2. HISTORICAL SECURITY COUNCIL 1956 AGENDA – Suez Canal crisis 3. UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL AGENDA- Situation in Korean Peninsula 4. EUROPEAN UNION AGENDA – … Continue reading Agendas


With great pride and honour we now release the much awaited executive board for AIMUN 2018 United Nations General Assembly Chairperson- Drishtant Chakraberty Vice Chairperson- Sanya Kanwar Asst. Vice chairperson- Aman Singh Rapporteur - Apaar Mehta United Nations Security Council President- Rudraksh Lakra Vice President- Pratham Sharma Rapporteur- Aniket Ramesh European Union Chairperson - Jaideep … Continue reading EB AIMUN 2018